5 Sites to See on your Tour Bus May 9, 2017

Visiting the nation’s capital is exciting when you’re with a group of friends, co-workers, classmates, or others. The best way to make the group trip easy for the crowd is with rental of a DC Tour Bus. Tour buses are available in several sizes, with several rental options available. When renting a tour bus, make the most of the time you have the vehicle, and visit as many D.C. points of interest as possible. Here’s fie stops to make while on your D.C. tour.

  1. S. Capitol Building: Aside from The White House, the U.S. Capitol Building is one of the main attractions in D.C., and a spot you don’t want to miss out on seeing while you’re in the area. The U.S. Capitol Building Home of the U.S. Congress, and the legislative branch of the federal government, the U.S. Capitol Building, sitting on Capitol Hill, offers daily tours and a host of educational events, too.
  2. Iwo Jima Memorial: This memorial honor fallen soldiers from the Marnie Corps, and is also known as the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial.
  3. The White House: When you think about D.C., the White House and the president are likely the first two things that pop into your mind. And so, it is only fitting that you would include a trip to the White House while in D.C. Although touring the inside might be impossible or difficult, a tour of the outside is not.
  4. World War II Memorial: This is another memorial that honors those serving in the U.S. military and the more than 400,000 who’ve died fighting for our freedom.
  5. Korean War Memorial: In dedication to the Korean War, the magnificent display pays tribute to the men who proudly served.
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